Government Contractor Services

Government Contractor Services

Accounting System Compliance-  If all or part of your revenues come from government contracts, your accounting system needs to comply with the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)  and some contractors may be required to follow Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). We can assist in implementing, designing, and reviewing accounting systems to ensure compliance with both federal and state acquisition laws.

Software For Contractors-  There is no such thing as DCAA compliant software. DCAA does not certify or evaluate any software.  If you are thinking about purchasing commercial software for government contractors it is strongly recommend that you work with an outside expert. In some cases buying expensive software  can actually make things more difficult. We can help recommend the right software for your company or make adjustments to your current system to ensure compliance. We are experts in many accounting solutions including Deltek GCS+Costpoint, Quickbooks, and WebERP.   

Accounting Policies and Procedures- One of the first items a DCAA auditor will request is your written accounting polices and procedures. Maintenance of these documents is critical for government contractors. We assist in developing policies and procedures related to job costing, estimating, internal controls, disaster planning, and other items that may be required by FAR or CAS.

Incurred Cost Submissions- Contractors preforming cost-reimbursable contracts will be required to submit incurred cost submission on an annual basis to report their final indirect rates for the year. We can prepare or review your final incurred cost proposal and assist with any questions.